Ajax tutorials

Ajax stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, ajax is not a programming language, it’s a technique use for data exchanging with server. Some people say ajax is language and some say it’s a technique so the correct answer is ajax is not language. Using ajax we can insert, delete, update and retrieve data from database without reloading.

Why should use Ajax

We can insert, delete, and updated data without ajax I means with simple php but if we insert data use simple php the data will insert slow and deleting will also slow. But when we using ajax for inserting, deleting, updating and for selecting data, the operation will be past because the page will not reloading and we exchange data with server.

How ajax work

what is ajax
what is ajax
First of all we create xmlhttp request and send to server using GET and POST methods. On server xmlmhttp request process and create feedback response and send to browser. Now in browser display server response and update the page without reloading the page.

Ajax examples 

Nowadays mostly online website using ajax technique. The best example of ajax is google search engine, when we search any keywords in google, it’s display auto-suggest list without page reloading.Seconds example of ajax is Facebook chat system, when we chat with friends the Facebook page is not reloading the time of sending and receiving message.Third example of ajax is Facebook share and comments system. Most of form validations work on ajax.For more details and learning watch the videos in urdu/hindi language.


The summary of overall article is that, I recommends for you to use ajax for fast data exchanging. In some condition you will must use ajax when you create chat system, comments system and some more application which are created must with ajax.


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