Monday, May 9, 2016

Best text editors for web development

Text editor is the most important thing for web development and web designing but we want to search out which one is best and better for beginner and for advanced developer


Notepad++ is a web development text editor but you can also use this editor for c++,c#,java and for more languages and almost  initially developers are use notepad++ for web development and for web designing and I also high recommend for you to use notepad++ if you are beginner in php development .but why notepad++ recommended for beginner web developers because It does not have auto suggest tag functionality auto suggest tag means when you type html start tag and html close tag appear  itself so the purpose is that beginner developers write all code from his hands and its good for beginner level developer to learn and understand all tags in auto suggest text editor is best for experience developers to write code fast. Its free download from here

best text editor for web development
notepad++ text editor

Sublime text editor 

Sublime editor is very awesome and colorful text editor and nowadays mostly  professional web developers uses sublime editor .sublime have auto suggest functionality close tag of html is appearing itself its use for fast coding if you have good skills in php ,html or any other web development related languages so sublime high recommended for experience developers and you can install different types of plugins for example EMMET plugin which is use for fast coding after installing EMMET plugin uses some shortcut like for all html syntax type html:5 and press tab key all the html syntax will appear in one second and also you can install theme plugins note but it’s not free still you can use trial version download from here

Bracket text editor 

Bracket is another editor and its free no charges you can download freely from officially website bracket editor have also a lot features for example auto suggest feature and also is support EMMET plugin if you want to install EMMET plugin or other plugin just go click on file menu and after goes to Extension manager and click on it and search for plugin but internet connection is required without internet connection you cannot install any plugin download from here

best text editor for web development

Atom text editor 

Atom is the 4th editor its same to same sublime editor interface and themes is similar to sublime and its free no charges for downloading it have also auto suggest functionality and support many plugins if you don’t have money to purchase sublime I recommend for you to use atom editor because atom is very similar to sublime download from here
best text editor for web development

Adobe Dreamweaver cc

Adobe Dreamweaver cc is the last text editor in my article adobe Dreamweaver cc and Dreamweaver cs6 are similar features but Dreamweaver cc is the latest version in Dreamweaver we can create html tables, forms and navigation bar without coding effort and now in Dreamweaver cc and cs6 we create responsive website in minimum time. It’s not free download from here
best text editor for web development

Summary of the article is that these five are the best text editor for web development and for web designing now you select which one is best for you thank you….


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